Twitter is becoming an integral part of many digital lives and personal and professional learning networks.  This introductory course of "How to Become a Transformed Twitter Teacher (T3) in a Flash" explains how to use Twitter as an educational tool for professional development purposes.  Twitter is an online microblogging service that offers a way to share short bites of information instantly with others. This "module-based self directed learning course" will explain what Twitter is and how its service is used by individuals, by businesses, and within k-16 education and the classroom environment. Demonstration of how to sign up, send and read Twitter updates (also called "tweets"), and build your own PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network) of friends will be showcased. This self-directed training will also explore and describe how to get the most out of Twitter by customizing an individual profile, setting options, and tapping into third-party resources that make it easier to follow and send updates.